Carrying the victims in the crash of An-26 in the Saratov region the car got in an accident

Carrying the victims in the crash of An-26 in the Saratov region the car got in an accident

Moscow. May 30. INTERFAX.RU — an Accident involving vehicles transporting the injured in the hard landing and fire plane An-26 at the airport Balashove occurred in the Saratov region, informs television channel REN-TV.

“The convoy carrying the victims in the crash of a military plane at the airport in Balashove of the Saratov region, was involved in an accident. As a result of PE is affected,” — said on the channel’s website. Details of the accident are given.

Meanwhile, a source in emergency services of the region reported “Interfax”, in Saratov in an accident hit one of the cars “first aid” transporting the victims. “According to preliminary information, an ambulance collided with a car “Toyota”, and then hit a woman standing on the side of the road and crashed into a pole,” — said the Agency interlocutor. According to him, the victim is hospitalized and at the er no one was hurt.

In regional management of traffic police this information is not confirmed, nor denied.

Hard landing the aircraft An-26, which carried out training flight and belonged to the training base of the Krasnodar higher aviation school of pilots, occurred on Tuesday at 5:40 in Balashov, Saratov region.

As reported in the information Department of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation, as a result of incident one soldier was killed, the other five crew members were sent to the hospital. The military explained that upon landing at the airport “Balashov” An-26 made a hard landing and caught fire. According to preliminary information, the reason could be the failure of one engine.

At the scene, flew a special Commission of the defense Ministry.

An-26 military transport aircraft. Designed to transport military equipment and troops, as well as for landing parachute and landing way. The length of the plane is 24 meters. The wingspan is 29 meters. Weight with a full load of 24 tons. The maximum speed of the plane is 500 km/h.