Zoologists found a new species of glass frogs

Zoologists found a new species of glass frogs

Biologists from Ecuador and the United States discovered in the valley of the Amazon new species of frogs with transparent skin on the chest and abdomen, so that it is possible to observe internal organs with the naked eye.

Description of the species published in the journal ZooKeys.

Found a frog the size does not exceed two inches, making it hard to find in the foliage. In addition, these amphibians quite difficult to compare with already known species, as characteristic of these dark-green spots disappear after the death of the frog.

Blog News: #NewSpecies of glassfrog w/ fully transparent skin on its chest & belly: https://t.co/PfvDygWhCW #herpetology #biodiversity pic.twitter.com/1gcezfc12P

— Pensoft Publishers (@Pensoft) 29 may 2017

The new species was given the name Hyalinobatrachium yaku, in which the designation of yaku from the language of one of the local peoples translates as “water”. Streams and slow streams of water are vital to the reproduction of frogs. The treatment of offspring is another feature. Frogs attach eggs to the underside of the leaves, and males watch over them.

Biologists noted that the new species is in trouble, as he dwells in a region where oil is extracted, and this leads to water pollution, construction of roads, dividing populations, and destruction familiar to the frogs environment.