The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Montenegro has accused Moscow of meddling in the internal Affairs of the country

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Montenegro has accused Moscow of meddling in the internal Affairs of the country

BELGRADE, may 29 — RIA Novosti. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Montenegro, Serjan Germanovich said that Russia “strongly intervened in the internal Affairs” of the country and tried to prevent the intention of the authorities of the Republic to join the Alliance, told Radio and television of Montenegro (RTCG).

Montenegro on Thursday for the first time participated in the NATO summit after the ratification of the accession agreement by all member countries of the Alliance before the final procedure for obtaining membership on 5 June.

“Russia openly interfered in our internal political issues, we, of course, watched without approval. Russia in the last two or three years, pursuing a policy of spheres of interest and opposes NATO expansion. We have decided your goals to define themselves, and was surprised at how much Russia intervened and, of course, we defended”, — quotes Germanovich channel.

The special Prosecutor of Montenegro Milivoje Katnic said earlier that some of the “Russian authorities” allegedly was involved in the coup attempt during the elections in the country in October last year to prevent the accession of Montenegro to NATO. According to him, such conclusions based on the testimony of defendants and their data conversations. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov declared that the accusations against Russia on the part of senior representatives of Montenegro is too serious without backup facts is irresponsible.

“Our membership in NATO is not directed against anyone whatsoever, including against Russia. But, of course, we can’t accept that somebody else decides where we should be. We have economic relations with Russia, which is our main economic partner, is in the top ten. We had and still have quite a lot of tourists from Russia and Russian investments in our economy have shown to be ineffective”, — quotes the words of foreign Minister RTCG.

On Monday, the foreign Minister of Montenegro said that his country does not see Russia as “an example of a democratic system”, and that Moscow is trying “to interfere with and weaken NATO and split the EU”, including in the Balkans.

At the end of April, the Russian foreign Ministry said that Moscow reserves the right to make decisions to protect its national security in connection with the decision of the Parliament of Montenegro for membership in NATO.

As noted in the Russian foreign Ministry, those who voted in the Assembly (Parliament) of Montenegro for membership in NATO under the pretext of imaginary Russian threat, taking responsibility for the consequences “of the implementation of the plans of external forces seeking to deepen existing in Europe and in the Balkans, dividing line, drive a wedge based on deep historical traditions of friendly relations of the Montenegrins with the Serbs and the Russians.”