The media learned about the recognition of the former head of Udmurtia his involvement in bribery

Alexander Soloviev

The former Governor of Udmurtia Alexander Solovyov under investigation, pleaded guilty to taking bribes. About it writes “Kommersant”. The publication says, citing sources, that Solov’ev did not recognize the receipt of all 140 million rubles, which he accuses the Investigative Committee, and in several setochnykh episodes.

Lawyers Irina Pikalevo and Sergei Larionov, hired by the daughter of Solovyov, I believe that this confession could be obtained under pressure of the investigation. In their opinion, the investigation is trying to obtain from the accused a confession, which indirectly confirmed the nightingales, drop in the court of appeal for the phrase: “Yes, I broke the law”.

According to Pikalevo, investigator Roman Mukhachev “virtually ignored the decision by the lawyer on the appointment of Alexei Ulyanov”. He participated in the design of the Protocol of detention of the former Governor in Moscow on 4 April and arraignment. To represent the interests of Solovyov in the Basmanny court, which considered the request for his arrest, court was appointed another lawyer Galina Hamburg.

“But until then, until we meet with the client, we can’t figure out whether to recognize Alexander Solovyov guilty or no, — said Larionov.— And to end this uncertainty at the beginning of may we sent in Basmanny court with the requirement to allow us to participate in the investigation and to the defendant in jail”. However, it has not yet been appointed for consideration.

The advocate for appointment, in turn, argues that Soloviev cooperates with the investigation voluntarily.

Solovyov was arrested April 4, Basmanny court of Moscow. He is accused of accepting bribes totaling more than 140 million rubles.