The media found among the detainees in the case about the explosion in Manchester of the student-the chemist

The British newspaper Daily Mail on Sunday, 28 may, reported that among the detainees in the case about the explosion in Manchester on may 22 featured the student-the chemist.

According to the newspaper, his name is Mohamed Warfalli, he was 20 years old. The young man was arrested on Saturday morning, a few hours before Prime Minister Theresa may has lowered the terrorist threat level in the country from “critical” to “severe”. Together with him was arrested his 22-year-old brother Yahya.

Police conducted an analysis of contacts in social networks of young people and discovered that Yahya was in the friends list in Facebook Hashim — brother Salman, Abedi exploded in the “Manchester Arena” on may 22. According to the profile of Mohamed in LinkedIn, he studied chemical engineering at the University of Huddersfield.

It is known that the family of Verbally — came from the Libyan city of Benghazi, but both of them were born in the UK.

On may 28, the total number of people detained in the investigation, reached 15. Two of them were released without charges, 13 are in custody.

The attack on the stadium “Manchester arena” on the evening of may 22, killed 22 people, injured about 120, 59 of them were taken to medical facilities. Banned in Russia grouping “Islamic state” has claimed responsibility for the bombing and called the attack revenge for the attack on “Muslim lands”.