The disaster: the victims of the hurricane in Moscow were 11 people

The disaster: the victims of the hurricane in Moscow were 11 people

MOSCOW, may 29 — RIA Novosti. A powerful storm with rain and thunderstorms killed at least 11 people in Moscow and the Moscow region, knocked down hundreds of trees, smashed cars and disrupted public transport.

“Hotline” of EMERCOM of Russia in Moscow 8 (800) 775-17-17″hotline” of EMERCOM of Russia in Moscow Podrobnee-for a squally wind in Moscow, 11 people were killed and more than 50 people were injured. In addition, because of the strong gusts of wind had felled hundreds of trees.

According to the Moscow health Department, Moscow killed 11 people, injured more than 50 people, including children. Victims are given help in ten hospitals.

The investigative Committee has announced eight dead — seven people died in Moscow and Ramenskoye district the victim of the disaster was the 11-year-old girl.

The head of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin has instructed to establish all the circumstances of the incident, and employees of the Central apparatus of the SC to monitor the progress and results of these inspections.

Victims of natural disaster

The wind gusts in the capital reached 16 meters per second. The hurricane broke trees and tore the metal structure that was the cause of death.

So, near the metro station “University”, on Lomonosovsky Prospekt, because of falling tree killed a man, and at the exhibition center, near the pavilion 36, a tree fell on 26-year-old girl. She died of her injuries. Another elderly man died on the Kirovograd street, where the wind has damaged a public transport stop.

Became victims of disaster and residents of suburbs. Sheet metal, torn by the wind, to death crushed the person in Krasnogorsk. Another sheet metal tore. — there hit a woman.

In addition, in Lyubertsy, on the street, a tree fell on a minibus. Just in the city district injured eight people, one child is in critical condition.

Another child was injured due to falling of a tree in the Odintsovo district of Moscow region.

Fallen trees and destroyed the pyramid

According to preliminary data, in the capital, the storm knocked down thousands of trees. Now the municipal services are engaged in the removal of fallen trees, renew, outdoor lighting poles, fences and damaged pavilions of bus stops.

On Zubovsky Boulevard, the wind ripped the sign of the Union of journalists of Russia, which is located in the building of the MIA “Russia today”. The sign was demolished on the roadway, but it was quickly removed.

In addition, the wind knocked down trees in suburban residence of the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, which the meeting with the Prime Minister, as well as journalists more than half an hour could not leave the hill.

In the Istra district of Moscow region hit the famous pyramid of Alexander Golod that has entered the guidebooks as one of the local attractions. This building was built for the study of the effect of the pyramids on the environment, although most scientists do not recognize the scientific project. With the collapse no one was hurt.

There were no casualties and the Queen, where the hurricane damaged one of the churches in the Central dome of the Church of the Nativity the wind snatched the cross. The other part of the building is not damaged, the cross is already reduced, said the temple.

In different areas there were power outages in Queen without light some time remained about 24 thousand people, and in Lyubertsy been dead several neighborhoods. Falling trees on Rublevo-Uspensky highway was also damaged power lines.

Airports, metro and ICC

The hurricane has made changes to timetables airports as evidenced by the data on the portal Yandex. The schedule was delayed nearly 30 flights, and 13 is cancelled.

All cancelled flights have to Domodedovo airport, in addition, 16 flights there received the status of “detained”. At Sheremetyevo delayed 13 flights.

In addition, because of the hurricane stopped the traffic on the Moscow Central ring: the trains without stopping through the station “Baltic” and “Koptevo”. It was also reported that the fallen tree was the cause of the interruption of traffic at the Filevskaya metro line, which at the time closed the entrance to the station “Filyovsky Park” and “pioneer.”

Now movement is restored, metro and ICC work without delay.

According to the service Yandex. Tube, the Gale-force wind became the reason of sharp rise in congestion on the roads of Moscow. For half an hour the traffic increased two points, reaching six points. Abnormal congestion was recorded on Oktyabrsky Avenue, Novorizhskoe, Rublevo-Uspensky and Pyatnitskoe highway.

It promises forecast

According to forecasters, the hurricane shifted to the East — South-East of Moscow region, but in the capital still intermittent rain is possible.

Warns of emergency situations in Central Russia and the Volga region with hail showers and gusty winds will be going for another two days.

But in General, this week the capital region is expected to cool weather. After quite a warm Tuesday and Wednesday, when the air in Moscow warms up to 20-22 degrees, a new cyclone in the first day of the calendar summer will bring cold, rains and thunderstorms. And by the end of the week in the capital will be quite cold — the night temperature will drop to two degrees Celsius.

Hurricane in Moscow

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