Somali Islamists beat a man with stones for betraying two wives

The militants of the Islamist group “Harakat al-Shabab” acting mainly in Somalia have stoned to death a local resident for adultery. From the received traumas the man has died, according to Monday, 29 may, International Business Times UK.

The public execution took place on may 28 in the village of Ramo-ADI in the southern part of the country. According to the publication, the 44-year-old Somali before pobivanie neck buried in the ground.

The Governor of the region Moalim, Gedo (Moalim Geedow) explained that men had two wives and children, however, he became interested in another woman who’s divorced. The peasants lied to her, saying that he had received permission to marry the leader of the local community, and married. When she became pregnant, it turned out that no permission was not, and so the marriage is invalid.

Grouping “Harakat al-Shabab” was created in 2004. Her goal is to create a society that lives under Sharia law. Members go to that in a Jihad, which is expressed in a series of terrorist acts. The largest terrorist attack militants in September 2013: an attack on the Westgate Mall in Nairobi, killing 67 people and another 175 were wounded.