Shades of red


RIA Novosti

With a break of one day, the Communist party held a Congress, and the party “Communists of Russia” — the Plenum. The main Communist party in the country once again re-elected as its Chairman Gennady Zyuganov, and opposes them “Communists of Russia” (KCR) decided on a candidate in the presidential campaign. One of them will win the sympathy of youth and in any case the party is ready to make friends against other opponents says “”.

“Communists of Russia” on the example of the Congress of the Communist party, prior to their plenary session, decided to show the difference between the camps of the Bolsheviks and the Mensheviks (the second cpkr members include members of Zyuganov). “To a luxury building Zyuganov Congress would be every five minutes to pick up the limo with a pot-bellied persons, to a modest housing budget “Space” (we are talking about hotel on Prospekt Mira) will brisk walk from the nearest subway station to go flashy clad fry party”, — stated in the message. Hardly a luxury building of the concert hall “Izmailovo”, which gathered on Saturday the leadership of the Communist party, and limousines in the immediate radius could not be found.

Positioning itself as the Bolsheviks “Communists of Russia”, however, were right in the other: “not a word against the clergy” the Congress has not sounded. The leader of the Communist party has made no secret that follows Orthodox traditions (for example, in 2011, he visited the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour to venerate the belt of the virgin), and his fellow party member Sergey Gavrilov in the fall, he headed the state Duma Committee on Affairs of public associations and religious organizations. Before entering the hall “Izmaylovo” of the Communists was met by the tent with the “pies-sweets from the convent”, as reads the inscription. A couple of hours after the start of the event they are no longer there.

During a speech at the Congress Gennady Zyuganov put the pin Communists-rivals only once and in passing: speaking about the results of the Duma elections, mentioned some sort of party spoiler, delaying voices of his players. He repeatedly called it the party of Maxim Suraykina. The Communist party even tried to get the “Communists of Russia” to change the name in court, insisting on excessive similarity of name and symbols. Arbitration court to consider the claim abandoned.

Suraykin sure that the “Communists of Russia” and the Communist party have little in common: his party lives on self-financing, as must the Bolsheviks, while the parliamentary Communists bling. The Communist party, moreover, spoils the life of “Communists of Russia”, “telling all” about competitors and foreign companies. A party-spoiler “Communists of Russia” exhibit spin doctors working for Zyuganov, believes suraikin. In this regard, he urged party members to be careful in choosing allies. “Some microscopic organization, received from the hands of the authorities registration, be just the same dogs in the hands of the Mensheviks Zyuganov”, — figuratively suraykin. However, it is not excluded that in extreme cases it is possible to operate with ordinary members of the Communist party, justified the confidence, and such, he said, among the followers of Gennady Zyuganov “thousands”.

Zyuganov, speaking at the Saturday Congress of the party, focused on familiar opponents. “”United Russia” do not hide the face of the party of oligarchs and officials. “Fair Russia” was unable to abandon the role of appendage of the ruling party. The same function on the other end performs the liberal democratic party” — listed it. Not done Communist sensationalism, talking about the “orange” revolutionaries, who, in his opinion, “use anti-corruption rhetoric for the country’s return to the days of Yeltsin and Gaidar.”

In the estimates of the liberals, the leaders of the conflicting Communists agreed. According to Maxim Suraykina, “liberal alternative to the right, personified by Kudrin and Navalny”, more dangerous than the current government. The ruling party — “United Russia” — a lot of claims on both sides. On the background of the century of the October revolution especially resent the behavior of the former Prosecutor of the Crimea, Deputy of the state Duma Natalia Polonskaya, initiated the review of the film by Alexei Uchitel “Matilda”. “Such lawlessness did not exist before and could not be”, — was indignant the Chairman of the “Communists of Russia” Sergei Malinkovich, dubbed Polonskaya “fanatical monarhistkoy”. Gennady Zyuganov indignation was aroused by the words Poklonskaya that Lenin can be put on a par with Hitler. However, if the Communist party saw the actions Poklonskaya spelling of “United Russia”, “Communists of Russia” considered this action of the House of Romanov.

Equally strong reaction from the Communists of both parties is the approval of the leader of the White movement during the Civil war Kolchak. The participants of the March Plenum of the Communist party applauded the story about the PR campaign with a rubber doll-Kolchak, and in the ranks of the “Communist Russia” because of the confusion it almost came to blows. “I do not understand, what for Kolchak?” — angrily shouted one of the participants of the meeting of the “Communist Russia”, interrupting the speech of the party leadership. However, the conflict between the delegates was quickly exhausted.

They found common ground in the statements of the leaders of the two Communist parties on economic and social policy. Gennady Zyuganov looked at the figures on the decline of the subsistence minimum, Maxim suraykin — the increased wage arrears in the regions of Russia. Was apparent in their words and thought: the protests are necessary, but in the legal field.

To protest in the best traditions of the proletariat needs to attract young people, said 71-year-old parliamentary leader of the Communists. “Blockade of information about the Communist party — one of the factors that pushes young people into the arms of the “orange” leaders,” — said Zyuganov, obviously hinting at the past in March rallies against corruption. How to attract the young to the side of the Communists? To this question none of the Communist leaders a clear answer can not give. Zyuganov complains that the students don’t know anything about the leaders of the revolution, but I am sure, however: if you tell them what happened, they will come first in the Komsomol and later the party. However, Gennady Zyuganov does not hide the distrust in today’s youth, which has “no experience of life in the USSR”: “Often she vaguely imagines this triumphant time. For the bourgeois and petty-bourgeois mentality characterized and intrigue, careerism, and the willingness to compromise with the authorities. It calls attention to a receiving party, in personnel work in General”.

For the young cadres of rival parties, apparently, have to compete. The “Communists of Russia” plans are not so ambitious, but the goals planned for the near future: Maxim suraykin urged party members to attract more new people to the world festival of youth and students, to those, in turn, led propaganda among not imbued with the ideals of communism peers. The Communist party plans to update the scale, as evidenced by even personnel changes: Valery Rashkin in the place of the Chairman of the Central Committee of the party was replaced by Yuri Afonin, who has long been in charge of youth policy.

And members of the Communist party and “Communist Russia” their leaders urged to focus on the upcoming elections. Zyuganov was advised to be at the same party that achieved in the regions of leadership positions — in particular, the mayor of Novosibirsk Anatoly Elbow and the Governor of the Irkutsk region Sergey Levchenko. Maxim suraykin advised colleagues at every opportunity to participate in municipal elections. Now KCR has made tremendous strides, I am sure suraykin: “the Party has strengthened the position of the fifth political force in the country” after the “United Russia”, Communist party, liberal Democrats and the just Russia.

On the presidential campaign 2018 both parties while talking in General terms. Once again answering the question about willingness to go to elections, Gennady Zyuganov said: “I am the leader of the largest party, if not ready — then there is nothing to do.” However, he stressed that the candidate will be selected only after consultation with all stakeholders. The only thing you can be sure, women in this list will not appear. “I am very good to women but in conditions of war, sanctions, severe systemic crisis, I would still pity the women, because this post requires working seven days a week, at least 15 hours a day,” — said Zyuganov, explaining the failure to nominate a woman for President. Despite the best intentions, the parliamentary leader of the party then criticized including women MPs.

Maxim suraykin happy to be invited to the first office in the country woman, he said in an interview with “”, but candidates with sufficient political experience and level of recognition in his party yet. And among men, in addition to the Suraykina, no one in the presidential elections to go especially not ready. “While other candidates do not, — he admitted. — And I’m ready for any task of the party to perform”. A preliminary decision at the Plenum on his candidacy were adopted, and the final verdict and “Communists of Russia” and the Communist party will make in December.