In the United States called the probable nationality of the authors WannaCry

The authors of the WannaCry virus that has infected computers in 150 countries two weeks ago, probably came from such Asian countries as Hong Kong, Taiwan or Singapore. About this newspaper the South China Morning Post, citing U.S. intelligence.

This conclusion, according to the newspaper, made by the experts who conducted linguistic analysis of malicious software. According to their suggestion, it was written in Chinese-people with southern dialects.

Experts say that the “firmly convinced” in their conclusions. In earlier reports based on code analysis, it was assumed that the viral attackers are North Korean programmers.

Malware WannaCry blocked information on infected computers and displayed the message in 28 languages, demanding a ransom from 300 to 600 dollars for data recovery. Blackmailer began to spread on 12 may.

It is assumed that the creators of the virus had based malware NSA Eternal Blue. It has spread in more than 150 countries around the world, he suffered more than 200 thousand users. The Times newspaper wrote that the income of creators WannaCry, according to 15 may, has exceeded 42 thousand dollars.