In the Stavropol region because of the flooding evacuated seven settlements

In the Stavropol region because of the flooding evacuated seven settlements

MOSCOW, may 29 — RIA Novosti. Stavropol region authorities have decided to evacuate the inhabitants of seven settlements in connection with the increase of water discharge on Otkaznenskoe reservoir, according to the website of the Governor of the region.

The decision was taken after verifying the forecast of the reservoir filling and fly-affected flood areas.

“The twenty-ninth of may we start with 6 a.m. the evacuation of the population in the village Abandoned. 10 am we begin the evacuation in Zelenokumsk. With 12 on the schedule of the village of Nina, starodubskoe, Arkhangelsk, Orlovka, Deceased”, — said the Governor of the region Vladimir Vladimirov.

According to the Governor, the flow of water falls. He adds that he is fully prepared the temporary accommodation and transport. Police will be security of the evacuated settlements. The entry will be carried out only on the passport, accompanied by representatives of MES and law enforcement.

On Saturday evening the press-service of the Governor of edge has informed on evacuation of inhabitants of the Eastern regions of Stavropol before increasing the discharge of water to Otkaznenskoe reservoir, which will lead to flooding. It was noted that the increase of the water discharge necessary to avoid the possibility of breaking of the dam that would cause flooding of the territory with a population of over 40 thousand people. The level of water inflow into the reservoir Otkaznenskogo already more than 6 times higher than average.