Dentist in St. Petersburg removed the patient 22, a healthy tooth for money

In St. Petersburg opened a criminal case of fraud against a dentist, who removed the patient’s healthy tooth 22. This was reported on the website of the Central Board of the Investigative Committee in St. Petersburg.

According to investigators, in 2014, physician and founder of a private clinic Frunze district misled the 43-year-old local resident regarding the required scope of services. As a result, the woman removed a healthy tooth 22 and installed them bridges of inadequate quality. For providing these services, the victim gave 843 thousand rubles.

Currently holds the events directed on verification of information the Commission by a physician of a number of similar crimes.

In St. Petersburg in September 2016, the court sent the case to the surgeon-dentist of Damianidis whose actions in the course of paid transactions resulted in a fractured jaw patient. The guilt in services that do not meet safety requirements, he did not recognize.

In November 2013, Damianidis during the operation has made a technical defect that resulted in a fractured lower jaw. After that, he, not having the certificate of a physician oral and maxillofacial surgeon, made the woman shows her an operation, causing harm to health of average weight.