Alexander Soloviev agreed with the investigation

Alexander Soloviev agreed with the investigation

As it became known””, eks-the Governor of Udmurtia Alexander Solovyov pleaded guilty to accepting bribes. However, according to sources, “b”, it is not about getting all 140 million rubles, which he incriminates the TFR, and several Zatochnik episodes. Lawyers hired by the daughter of a former official, I believe that the confession could be obtained under pressure of the investigation. The advocate for appointment alleges that Alexander Soloviev cooperates with the investigation voluntarily.

As told “Kommersant” lawyer Irina Pikalevo and Sergei Larionov, the contract for the protection of Alexander Solovyov was concluded with them the daughter of former Governor Eugene Siryk on the next day after the arrest of her father in Izhevsk on April 4.

“However, the investigator Roman Mukhachev virtually ignored this decision by the lawyer on the appointment of Alexei Ulyanov, — explained “Kommersant” Mrs. Pikalevo.— He participated in the design of the Protocol of detention of the former Governor in Moscow and the presentation of that accusation. And to represent the interests of Alexander Solovyov in the Basmanny court, which considered the request for his arrest, court was appointed another lawyer Galina Hamburg”.

For all these events, the lawyers Pikalevo and Larionov had to watch from the sidelines. To represent the interests of the client, they are only once — in the appellate instance of the Moscow city court, where, from 24 to 26 April to consider the complaint of a lawyer Larionov for the arrest of the former Governor. Himself prisoner, who spoke via videoconference, did not object to their participation in, and submission to further his interests.

However, in the course of the meeting, the representative of the RCDS attached to the case of the statement of Alexander Solovyov for waiver services new defenders. The judge did not remove them from the case based on a private agreement ex-Governor. “For final clarification of the client’s position, we need to meet him, — said “Kommersant” Mr. Larionov.— But prison employees to admit to the defendant to deny, requiring the permission of the investigator Roman Mukhacheva, which he does not. And it contradicts the current legislation”.

Moreover, according to the defenders, the ex-Governor was not given the opportunity to call home from prison to personally indicate their position about the protection.

Meanwhile, lawyers say that the investigation is trying to obtain from the accused a confession, which is indirectly confirmed by Alexander Solovyov, drop in the court of appeal for the phrase: “Yes, I broke the law” that did not remain without attention of the lawyers. “But until then, until we meet with the client, we can’t figure out whether to recognize Alexander Solovyov guilty or not, — the lawyer continued Larionov.— And to end this uncertainty at the beginning of may we sent in Basmanny court with the requirement to allow us to participate in the investigation and to the defendant in jail”. But, as he explained, it is still not appointed for consideration.

The investigator TFR Roman Mukhachev refused to discuss with a “b” situation, having referred to employment. In turn, the lawyer for the purpose of the investigation Alexei Ulyanov told that Alexander Soloviev himself refuses to meet with the new defenders. However, this defender on purpose said not his client, and the investigator. “But not call it native, because there were some technical problems in Lefortovo prison,” said Mr. Ulyanov.

According to the lawyer Ulyanov, no one is stopping his client to send letters to relatives and medical care it is available on demand. “My request of his daughter brought to jail the necessary drugs, which he now regularly gets”, — said Mr. Ulyanov. But despite this, the defenders of Moscow Irina and Sergei Larionov argue that the health of their client in prison has deteriorated significantly. So much so that the prisoner said in the Moscow city court that “unlikely to live to court”.

The lawyer also said that a month and a half of investigation Alexander Solovyov pleaded guilty to accepting bribes. According to counsel, it recognizes individual episodes of corruption, but sane disputes the amount of levies 140 million rubles. “It (the ex-Governor.— “B”) position is correct, — said the lawyer Ulyanov — because in the end it may lead to mitigation of punishment.” To the question “Kommersant”, whether his client to request a special order to have their case heard in court, the defender suggested not to hurry so as to complete the investigation will take several months. The lawyer stressed that investigators have enough information to speak about the validity of the presented ex-officer charges.

TFR impute to Alexander Solovyov two episodes of receiving bribes in especially large amount (part 6, item 290 of the criminal code). According to investigators, in the years 2014-2016, the defendant “received from representatives of organizations engaged in the construction of bridge crossings over river Kama and river Buoy the city kambarki, bribes in the form of money for the total amount of 139 million rbl., and also in the form of shares in the commercial organization worth 2.7 million rubles.”. For this Alexander Soloviev, investigators believe, was to provide bridge builders “extraordinary payment from the Federal and regional budgets, the allocation of licenses for geological study of subsoil and exploration and mining of sand and sand-gravel mixtures”.

Alexei Sokovnin