11 Moscow parks in the summer will be regular screenings

11 Moscow parks in the summer will be regular screenings

For the first time this summer a movie will be in the garden named after Bauman.

Regular free movie screenings for the first time will be held this summer in the garden named after Bauman in Moscow. On 9 June there will be the first project — the lecture “Cinematica”, organized by the Department of culture of the capital, Molocharka and the Moscow film school.

Topic “Cinematize” will be “silent film Comedians”. Just in a cycle of four weeks, released in the 20-ies of XX century. They will show on Fridays at 20 o’clock. Before each film the curators of the Moscow film school will be conducting for the audience a little lecture.

Among the films that will be seen on the big screen in the garden named after Bauman, “the gold rush”, Charlie Chaplin (1925), “the Cameraman” with Buster Keaton (1928), “Seven years of bad luck” by max Linder (1921) and “Finally safe!” with Harold Lloyd (1923).

As noted by the Director of the Moorpark Vyacheslav Dunaev, during the summer the audience will be familiar with the best pictures of world cinema.

To participate in the “Cinematize” you must first register on the website of the Moscow film school.

In addition, this summer, in the Bauman garden will be held a meeting with the young Russian Directors will also be possible to see their short films. Back in the summer film program garden included Soviet films of the thaw period about love, documentary about cities, architecture and women of the XXI century. Summer screen “Moschino” in good weather, will work four days a week: from Wednesday to Saturday.

Note that only in Moscow this summer, screenings will be held at 11 parks: in parks “Krasnaya Presnya”, “Kuzminki”, perovskite, Babushkinskaya, Izmailovo and Lianozovo, in the garden of Bauman, and in Sokolniki, Gorky Park, the garden of “Hermitage” in the Park “Fili”.