Vandals have desecrated the grave of Charles de Gaulle

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Vandals have desecrated the tomb of the founder and the first President of the Fifth Republic, General Charles de Gaulle in the commune of Colombes-Les-Deux-Eglises in North-Eastern France. This is stated in the official Twitter-account of the municipality of the commune.

The portal Franceinfo reports that two unknown persons entered the territory of the cemetery, where the burial of de Gaulle, and tackled the tombstone cross. While other damage, including the inscriptions on the grave is not discovered.

It is emphasized that it is affected by the tombstone cross, not a monument to Charles de Gaulle in Colombey in the form of the cross of Lorraine height of 43 meters.

Other graves also was not damaged. The investigation was entrusted to the gendarmerie.

Charles de Gaulle is one of the most important figures in French history of the 20th century. During the Second world war, he became a symbol of the French Resistance. He founded and became the first President of the Fifth Republic (1959-1969). Having broad powers, he established a special foreign policy, rejecting the concept of American and Soviet world domination, and giving the French independent voice on the world stage.

General de Gaulle died in November 1970.

April 28, unknown persons desecrated a memorial stone on the grave of Holocaust victims in the Ternopil region of Ukraine. The monument and wreaths beside him, poured a liquid oil. Over the last ten years acts of vandalism on the site was carried out six times. Attackers are never arrested.