Sands taught journalist BBC English lesson


RIA Novosti

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov during a session of conference calls with members of the media gave a lesson in English. It is reported

A BBC journalist who is not a native Russian speaker, asked the press Secretary about a possible meeting between the presidents of Russia and the United States.

“Putin’s meeting with trump in Europe “not planned”, but does this mean that the possibility of such a meeting “is excluded”, — said the journalist.

In response, Peskov noted that not understand the question and offered to switch to English.

“If they are not planning to meet does it mean there will be no meeting, it will be excluded (If they do not plan to meet, does this mean that the meeting is not that it is excluded),” – said the journalist.

“If you are not planning something, then you would better exclude the possibility of something (If you don’t plan, then this possibility is excluded),” — said Peskov.

After he joked that “in this English lesson,” he finishes a conference call.

Earlier it was reported that the first personal meeting of Putin and trump could take place before the G20 summit, which is scheduled for July.