Peskov said that the renovation of housing in Moscow is the Kremlin’s initiative


RIA Novosti

Renovation of housing in Moscow is not a program or initiative of the presidential administration, the publication of distancing the Kremlin from the program correctly, said the press Secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov.

“What does it mean to distance themselves? This is not a Kremlin program, not a project of the presidential administration, and it is not the initiative of the President and not the President’s bill. Thus, the very wording is not correct or is not correct,” — he said, commenting on the journalists ‘ question about whether the Kremlin has decided to distance himself from the renovation program in Moscow.

While Peskov did not comment on what the Kremlin’s position on the renovation programme, noting that “when the mayor has proposed this initiative, he had a meeting with the President, and the President just gave an assessment of this program.”

In early may, the Moscow authorities have published a list of 4566 five-story building, which will vote on their inclusion in a program of renovation of housing. The list includes homes located in 85 districts of old Moscow and six settlements in the annexed territories. While 40 districts of old Moscow and 15 settlements new to the list are not included.