North Korea has tested a new air defense system

Kim Jong-UN

DPRK leader Kim Jong UN was present at test-driven the air defense system of a new type. On Sunday, may 28, Yonhap reported, citing North Korean state Agency KCNA.

The exact date and venue of the test are not reported. Under the statement of Pyongyang, the new air defense was developed by the specialists of the national Academy of military Sciences, and, in comparison with last year, the system was improved in the detection efficiency and tracking purposes, as well as precision strike.

Kim Jong UN said that it was possible to correct some of the defects discovered during last year’s test. He was instructed to organize its mass production and to place its elements across the country.

2 APR 2016 North Korea has tested a new anti-aircraft missiles, and the current tests are an attempt to improve its performance, says Yonhap.

The situation on the Korean Peninsula is one of the most intense topics of international politics. It was reported that Washington is ready to launch a preemptive strike on North Korean military targets if Pyongyang decides for another nuclear test. In response, the DPRK said that in this case will cause a pre-emptive strike.

Later, the United States stated that they intend to exert on North Korea sanctions and diplomatic pressure, as well as attract China to get Pyongyang to abandon missile and nuclear programs.