John Travolta gave his Boeing-707 Australian Museum

John Travolta gave his Boeing-707 Australian Museum

American actor John Travolta announced that gives its Boeing-707 of the Australian society for the restoration of the historic liners. Its experts will soon have to lead the plane actor in flying condition, so he made a flight from USA to Australia.

The artist statement posted on his official website.

“I am very pleased to make this historic statement: my favorite Boeing 707 is transferred as a gift to the Society for the restoration of historical aircraft (Historical Aircraft Restoration society (HARS)), located in Albion Park, 140 kilometres South of Sydney in Australia,” said Travolta.

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— Air-Collect (@AirCollect_FR) may 28, 2017

Travolta recalled that his Boeing 707 in 1964, flew in Australian airline Qantas, and was then converted for private use.

Now the plane will require a lot of work to restore it to flying condition. But seeing passion in the eyes of the representatives of HARS, I have no doubt, this beauty will rise again into the air.John Travelteacher

HARS President Bob De La Hunty (Bob De La Hunty) in an interview with the Australian edition of the Illawarra Mercury stated that in the near future a team of engineers will travel to Florida to help prepare the plane Travolta to fly to the regional airport Illawarra, located in the region New South Wales (Australia).

The anticipated date of the flight he did not name, but assured that John Travolta will be on Board the ship, when he will fly from USA to Australia.

John Travolta is known for his passion for aviation. His mansion in Florida with a private airport cost actor in $ 12.5 million. The house has Parking for two aircraft — the Boeing 707 and jet Golfstream.

The actor has a pilot’s license, and the total flight time is several thousand hours. It was on this Boeing 707 Travolta several times flew to Russia. At the helm was the actor himself.

Australian society HARS founded in 1979 by a group of enthusiasts. It is engaged in the restoration to airworthiness of aircraft that played a significant role in the development of aviation Australia. Their Museum is located in Australia at Illawarra Regional Airport, the exhibition consists of 25 ships.

A Boeing-707 was designed in USA in the early 50-ies of the last century. The first flight took place in July 1954. Produced until 1991, during which time it was built 1010 aircraft of this model.