Zakharova said the mass death of Iraqi civilians under the bombs USA

Maria Zakharova

The Russian foreign Ministry is deeply concerned with the opened facts of mass death of the civilian population of Iraq as a result of bombing and shelling by the U.S. and its Western allies. This is stated in the commentary official representative of the Ministry Maria Zakharova. In her words, “the scale of the victims are shocking”.

Zakharova, in particular, mentioned the impact of the US air force on March 17 on the Mosul district of al-Jadida, which killed more than 100 civilians. “From Washington came the belated recognition” in connection with this attack, she said. “And this is just another bloody episode of “contactless war” waged by the Americans in Iraq and neighboring Syria. This was confirmed by the death recently in the Syrian border town of Mayadin 35 local residents. As in Mosul, among them women and children,” said foreign Ministry spokesman.

Zakharova noted that raises many legal issues cited by the us military statistics of victims among the civilian population of Iraq as a result of the use by coalition aircraft and heavy weapons.

The Russian foreign Ministry expressed condolences in connection with the casualties among the Iraqi civilian population. “At the same time we confirm our solidarity with the leadership and friendly people of Iraq in hard times for this country. Ready to continue to provide effective support to Baghdad in the uncompromising fight against the terrorist threat, wherever it may come”, — said Zakharov.

Thursday, may 25, the U.S. military acknowledged the deaths of more than 100 civilians in the Iraqi city of Mosul in an air RAID, produced in March of this year. According to Brigadier General Matthew Isler, the purpose of the strikes was two sniper-terrorists entrenched in one of the buildings. They were dropped 500-pound bombs. In the result of a direct hit detonated the explosives that the militants had laid on the lower floors of the concrete structure. As explained by Isler, neither the us military nor the Iraqi military had no information about what the building can be civilians, and the mining areas.

On 30 April, the command of the operation “Unwavering commitment” acknowledged the death of 352 civilians from air strikes of the US-led coalition in Iraq and Syria since 2014.