Trump has not yet decided on the anti-Russian sanctions


RIA Novosti

American President Donald trump has not decided its attitude to the anti-Russian sanctions, which were introduced earlier, the US and Europe. This was announced by the head of the National economic Council the White house Gary Cohn, the maintainer of the trump in his first foreign trip, reports TASS.

He confirmed that at the upcoming summit of the group of seven in Taormina in Sicily the theme of “Russia will be affected.” In addition, “the debate on sanctions and Russia was held today (Thursday) evening at the (summit), NATO” in Brussels, said Advisor to the American leader on the economy. According to him, “it was quite a broad discussion, in which many of Russian sanctions said the leaders of the countries — members of NATO.”

EA asked for clarification on whether trump is exploring the possibility of lifting these sanctions. “I never said that. I said that it was considering (the entire issue),” replied Kon.