The Pentagon said the threat approaching the two fighters China US aircraft

The U.S. defense Department confirmed the “unprofessional and unsafe” the convergence of two multifunctional fighter-bombers, J-10 (Jian-10) of China with an American patrol aircraft P-3 Orion over the South China sea. This was reported by TASS, the official representative of the Pentagon Gary Ross.

According to him, the incident occurred on Thursday, may 25, approximately 240 kilometres South-East of Hainan island, Northern South China sea.

One of the Chinese fighters “flew directly in front of the P-3 Orion”, which alarmed the Americans. “The crew of the American aircraft found the unsafe and unprofessional intercept. Its operation he was able to continue unimpeded,” said Ross.

“We continue to investigate this incident and Express our concern to the Chinese government through the appropriate channels,” — said the representative of the Pentagon.

Fighter-bombers approached at a distance of approximately 30 metres to the patrol aircraft of the US Navy.

South China sea — a zone of collision of interests of different countries. Islands in its waters are the subject of a territorial dispute between China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines, Brunei and Vietnam. Most tense is the situation around the Scarborough reef, also South of the Spratly archipelago, which is believed rich in oil and gas.

12 July 2016 the court of arbitration in the Hague has determined that Beijing has no rights in the disputed territory. In response, the President of China, XI Jinping stated that the Islands in the South China sea since ancient times are an integral territory of China.