The media learned about the willingness of the G7 to tighten sanctions against Russia

Leaders of the G7 countries with the heads of African States at the summit in Taormina

Countries “Big seven” is ready to tighten sanctions against Russia if Moscow does not fulfill the provisions of the Minsk agreements. This became known to the Italian news Agency ANSA, which, as reported TASS, cites informed sources on the sidelines of the G7 summit, held in Taormina, Sicily.

In particular, the Agency reported that the willingness of the G7 to step up pressure on Russia in case of default of its obligations under the Minsk agreements will be spelled out in the summit outcome document as a separate item. It is emphasized that the United States agree with the need for sanctions.

At the same time, for example, according to Reuters, the leaders of the countries “the Big seven” have not agreed on the wording about anti-Russian sanctions. However, as reported RIA Novosti, the issue of harmonization of the text of the final document will not be a problem.

“They [the leaders of the G7 countries] have not yet discussed the subject of Russia and Ukraine. This is important. So we’ll see what they come out with. Our understanding is that it is not a difficult problem for leaders. After the meeting, the Sherpa remains open only the question of whether to repeat the statement of the countries of the “sevens” that they are willing to increase rates, that is, to pass new sanctions if the situation deteriorates,” the Agency quoted a senior source in the EU delegation.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Italy Angelino Alfano in an interview with TASS said that the G7 countries have recognized the importance of dialogue with Russia. However, according to him, it does not mean “reduce the pressure” on Moscow in terms of “its responsibilities in the Ukrainian crisis.”

The Minister noted that the countries “Groups of seven” does not intend to reduce its pressure on Russia. “With regard to European sanctions, their duration depends on the implementation of the Minsk agreements, and this remains a benchmark for Italy,” said Alfano.

The summit “the Big seven” held in Italy on 26 and 27 may. It involves the leaders of the United States, France, great Britain, Canada, Germany, Italy and Japan. Russia was expelled from the organization in 2014 after the annexation of Crimea and the beginning of the armed conflict in Ukraine. The West does not recognize the results of the referendum in the Crimea and considers the Peninsula annexed territory. Also Moscow is accused in the armed assistance of the militia of Donbass, who are fighting against the Kiev authorities.

The Minsk agreements — a document adopted in February 2015 leaders of Germany, France, Ukraine and Russia. It is aimed at de-escalation of the armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine. Moscow believes that Kiev does not fulfill the provisions of the assigned agreements.