The Ambassador of Japan spoke about the prospects of Russian investments


RIA Novosti

The Ambassador of Japan in Russia Touchesa Kozuki told “Izvestia” about the interest of Japanese business in the Russian investment, the Kuril issue and the Year of Japan in Russia and Year of Russia in Japan.

Touchesa Kozuki said about the constant deepening of bilateral relations. So, in late April, Russia was visited by the head of the Japanese government Shinzo Abe and his meeting with President Vladimir Putin became the 17th in a row.

Japan attaches great importance to encouraging investment in its economy and welcomes the Russian companies to enter the Japanese market. Now, according to our data, in Japan live 8300 Russians, more than thousand people — businessmen, — told Kazuki.

According to him, the Japanese Embassy together with the Japanese organization promoting foreign trade development (JETRO) define specific projects for implementation in Japan and arrange direct investments in Japan.

Kozuki also spoke about why culturally believes his position of Ambassador in Moscow privileged. The Japanese Ambassador also expressed great excitement in connection with the imminent arrival in Japan of the Bolshoi theatre with the ballet “Giselle”, which has already sold out all the tickets.