Russian planes destroyed a convoy of militants in Syria

Russian planes destroyed a convoy of militants in Syria

Aviation and special operations forces of Russia will not allow the ISIL to withdraw from Rakka to Palmyra, said a source in the defense Ministry.

Moscow. May 27. INTERFAX.RU — Russian combat aircraft in Syria killed more than 120 militants of the terrorist group ISIS (banned in Russia) who tried to break out of Raqqa in the Palmyra, said Saturday a source in the Russian defense Ministry.

As a result of these attacks the loss of ISIS was 32 pickup truck mounted heavy machine guns and more than 120 terrorists.Defense Ministry Spokesman

He reported that a column of terrorists from 39 pickup trucks with weapons on their way to Palmyra, was discovered and destroyed by aircraft of the aerospace forces of the Russian Federation on may 25.

According to him, there is evidence that in raqqa between the command of the Kurdish groups of the “Syrian democratic forces” (SDS) and group leaders of ISIS have agreed to open for terrorists safe “southern corridor”.

“Terrorists the opportunity to freely leave the city on the condition that they will go to the Palmyra,” said the source.

“After obtaining this information, the command of Russian troops in Syria has taken steps to prevent ISIL militants in a southern direction”, — he said.

“Any attempt by ISIL fighters to move towards Palmyra and build there groups will be severely suppressed,” — said the Russian military.