In the US, the Muslim demands $100 million for the sold him the pizza with pork

In the US, the Muslim demands $100 million for the sold him the pizza with pork

MOSCOW, may 26 — RIA Novosti. A Muslim in the United States filed a lawsuit against the pizzeria and demands $ 100 million in compensation for the fact that he twice sold pizza with sausage from pork, despite his request to do without it in cooking dishes, according to the newspaper Detroit Free Press.

Resident of Dearborn, Michigan Mohammad Bazzi ordered pizza network Little Caesars twice. On 20 March he bought a dish marked “Halal” (suitable to the rules of cooking in Islam).

According to the newspaper, buzzy and his wife realized that eating pepperoni pork only after you have tried it. Sam buzzy has previously worked in the pizza and can distinguish pepperoni is made from pork. The indignant man has filed a complaint with the police.

The second time buzzy ordered a pizza on Wednesday, and again it contained pork. The restaurant Manager in response to the complaint, Bazzi stated that he had himself demanded to paste the badge “Halal”, but the lawyer buzzy Majed moughni rejects these accusations.

“We have a good time ad nauseam,” the claim of the spouse in the lawsuit. “There is no such thing as Halal pork. It is generally prohibited (in Islam),” said the newspaper lawyer.

The lawyer intends to transfer the claim to the group. The newspaper reminds that a similar incident in 2011 at a cost of McDonald’s restaurants in 700 thousand dollars — so they paid the plaintiffs during pre-trial settlement. The restaurant served nehalennia chicken, claiming that it is allowed for Muslims.