In Chile again hospitalized widow Pinochet

In Chile again hospitalized widow Pinochet

MEXICO city, may 27 — RIA Novosti. The widow of Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet 94-year-old Lucia Iriarte was hospitalized on Friday in Santiago, according to the portal of Cuba Debate.

The Iriarte was taken to a military hospital due to deteriorating health associated with flu.

The doctors were able to stabilize the condition, now her life out of danger, but under medical supervision it will remain a minimum day.

Last Iriarte was hospitalized in late 2016, and only for the last year she was in the hospital four times. In December, the Lucia Iriarte was questioned as an accused in the case of the involvement of her ex-Fund to financial fraud. She then publicly denied these accusations.

Pinochet came to power in Chile in a military coup in September 1973 and transferred her to a civilian government in 1990. According to official data, during the reign of Pinochet in Chile were killed for political reasons almost 3.2 thousand people, almost 1.2 thousand were missing, tortured and subjected to about 28 thousand people. Against the Pinochet was prosecuted, but in 2006 he died.