Ex-MP urged the sticks to beat teachers and students for communication in Russian language



A member of the nationalist party “Freedom” and former Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Igor Miroshnichenko scored again. Live Ukrainian television channel ally Tyahnybok recommended that the sticks to beat those teachers and students who allow themselves to speak Russian language in educational institutions.

In answer to a timid remark of the journalist that the majority of citizens of Ukraine used to communicate in the Russian language, the radical is suggested to knock this “crap” with a whip. According to Miroshnichenko, only this tool will allow you to do all Russian-speaking Ukrainians the right to be Ukrainians. Nationalist, whose “hobby” shop and make trouble with the sellers, answering in Russian, still in politics. Now he is a Deputy of Kyiv city Council.

In Ukraine Russophobia acquired a legislative form. Banned the import and sale of Russian books, 75% of television and radio broadcast shall be the Ukrainian language. The recently adopted law on the support of the national cinema involves the production of films in Ukrainian, or Crimean Tatar languages. The slogan “get out from Russia” zealously performed the majority of politicians and officials.