Chinese businessmen are thinking about the construction of a tunnel to Crimea

The Kerch Strait

Chinese investors interested in the project the construction of a tunnel to Crimea, across the Kerch Strait, said the Minister of economic development Andrei Melnikov. On Saturday, may 27, according to RIA Novosti.

According to officials, the regional authorities will discuss the issue with Chinese companies. “The technologies that can Chinese entrepreneurs to offer, they say they can do it with quite modest costs,” — said Melnikov.

The Minister also added that companies from China are already involved in building a new airport in Simferopol. “The Chinese comrades are interested in infrastructure because it is a large amount of potential investments,” he explained.

Earlier, the Eurasian business Council has suggested that the Crimean authorities simultaneously with the bridge across the Kerch Strait to create a tunnel. The construction was to be funded through private investment, the toll it wanted to pay.

Kerch Strait bridge should connect the Crimea and Krasnodar Krai. The total length of construction is 19 km, it will be the longest in Russia. It is expected that road traffic will start in 2018 and the railway in 2019. At the beginning of may it became known about the construction of half poles of the Crimean bridge.