Tver the official explained the markings on the primer test car

In the administration of the Kalinin district of the Tver region told RIA Novosti that the reasons for the appearance on one of the primers road marking.

“I talked to the road builders, they are not recognized, who exactly worked there, but it’s business as usual,” said the Agency head of the Department of road economy of the Eugene Efimenko.

According to him, in this way, workers tested the car for paint after fixing. “You understand that if sampling directly on the pavement — it remains traces”, — said the official.

May 25, in YouTube there was a video published by a local driver, which shows smooth streaks of white paint on the sandy soil of the Tver road near the village Palkino.

In September 2016, the resident of Vladivostok took off work patch the holes in the asphalt in the usual ground. Their actions roadman explained the appropriate disposal of the authorities.