The U.S. Navy has called Russia a new challenge


Flickr / Marines

Acting Minister of the U.S. Navy’s Shawn Stekli stated that new challenges USA in the XXI century are Russia and China. At a hearing in the Senate Committee, which discussed the budget for the Navy for fiscal year 2018, he stated that the Navy “confronting new challenges in the 21st century”, reports TASS.

“The United States faces a resumption of the rivalry of the great powers as Russia and China and demonstrate advanced capabilities (its Navy and the Navy), and the desire to play the role of world powers in their own interests”, – said acting head of the Navy.

He claims that the Russian Navy conducts operations in those regions where the Russian presence has not been since the mid 90-ies. China also continues to “expand its activities worldwide,” added Stekli. In his words, “assertive rivals with no inferior military capabilities will challenge U.S. interests around the world and to check the stability of American alliances.”

Stekli said that potential enemies of the United States more low military potential, but they are increasing with the “proliferation of advanced technologies”. He believes that this challenges the possibilities of Washington “to ensure freedom of navigation”.

To support Navy and marine Corps in the next fiscal year is planned to allocate 171,5 billion dollars, 12 billion more than this year.

Note that the us military has repeatedly stated about the “threat” from Russia. These statements can be explained by the desire of the Pentagon to increase the defense budget of the United States.