The state Duma adopted a law on deprivation of liberty up to 6 years for the creation of “groups of death”

The state Duma adopted a law on deprivation of liberty up to 6 years for the creation of “groups of death”

MOSCOW, may 26 — RIA Novosti. The state Duma adopted in the third final reading the law on criminal responsibility for the creation of “groups of death” in social networks, inducing children to suicide and their involvement in the deadly game.

The law was submitted to the Duma on 9 March, Vice-speaker of the house Irina Yarovaya (“United Russia”) and passed its second reading last Wednesday.

The document introduces criminal liability for organization of activities aimed at encouraging them to commit suicide by disseminating information about ways to practice it, as well as for inducing, calls or assisting suicide.

The maximum penalty for these offences will be imprisonment for up to six years, however, if the organizer of the criminal activity voluntarily will stop it and will actively help the uncovering and suppression of crimes, it may be exempt from criminal liability.

Also establishes criminal liability for involving children and adolescents in threat for their life illegal actions, including if the acts are a group or public. An example of such hazardous activities is the involvement of minors in “transerfing” (travel on the train roof) and various types of deadly “shaping”, “roofing” (trespassing on the roofs of tall buildings) or other activities, including “the game” by type “Run or die” associated with life-threatening behavior in relation to the moving transport. The maximum penalty for this is deprivation of liberty for a term up to three years.

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In addition, tougher liability for the current article of the criminal code — incitement to suicide or to attempt at suicide by threats, cruel treatment or systematic humiliation of human dignity. This crime is translated from a category of average weight in the category of serious with a maximum penalty of imprisonment for up to six years.

This establishes a higher liability in form of imprisonment up to eight years if the offence is committed against a minor, a helpless person, a pregnant woman, against two or more persons, a group of persons upon a preliminary collusion or by an organized group, in a public speech, in mass media, the Internet or other telecommunication networks.

The second law, which came in a single package with amendments to the criminal code, and was also adopted on Friday in the third reading, establishes the obligation of Roskomnadzor or involved by the operator of the register of banned sites during the day to inform the interior Ministry about inclusion in the register of resources with information about methods of suicide and calls for suicide.