Pieces of silver called the situation “Gogol-center” “a monstrous injustice”

Pieces of silver called the situation “Gogol-center” “a monstrous injustice”

The Director Kirill Serebrennikov commented on the situation around the “Gogol-center”, calling the circumstances a “monstrous injustice.”

“Sometimes in life, things happen that you’re not ready, can’t be ready — that’s what happened with me and my friends, my colleagues on the project “Platform”. In this project for three years, was attended by a huge number of Russia’s best young composers, musicians, actors, Directors, artists, choreographers, dancers, theorists and art practitioners, and the spectators who always come to our events. “Platform” is what I and those who involved in this program, and are proud of what made us happy these three years. Now we will prove that the project “Platform” was that it took place. We will prove it. The truth is easy. Even if the circumstances in which you’re supposed to say it, are the result of a monstrous injustice,” wrote silver coins in Facebook.

Serebrennikov also thanked all who supported him.

May 23, were searched in the “Gogol-center” and the place of residence Serebrennikov. They were held in the framework of investigation of criminal case about plunder of 200 million rubles from the budget, said SK.

The investigators believe that unidentified persons from the organization “Studio 7” created by artistic Director of “Gogol-center” Kirill Serebrennikov, from 2011 to 2014 stole the money allocated for the development and promotion of art. On the same day near the “Gogol-center” gathered people who wanted to Express their position on searches Serebrennikov. Actress Chulpan Khamatova, read out a message of actors in support of the “Gogol-center”.

On may 24, was detained the former CEO and the former chief accountant of “7 studios.”