Pedestrian streets of Moscow proposed to ban skateboards

Pedestrian streets of Moscow may not be allowed to ride skateboards. The relevant rules have been proposed to develop the municipal government of the district of Arbat, said the Agency urban news “Moscow” the head of the district Eugene Babenko.

Restrictions will also apply to other vehicles. “Bicycles must ride on designated routes on a specially-equipped road network,” — said Babenko. It is also proposed to oblige cafes on the pedestrian streets off the music after 23:00 GMT.

In addition, according to Federal news Agency (FAN), Moscow city Duma Deputy Inna Svyatenko invited other districts to learn from the experience of the Arbat by restriction of Smoking where posted recommending appropriate signs.

However, in an interview with national news service (NSN), the Executive Director of the all-Russian movement “For the rights of smokers” Andrey Loskutov said that the initiative will not work.

In April, the Ministry of health has proposed to ban Smoking VAPI and electronic cigarettes in public places. The relevant paragraph is contained in the Department of strategy of formation of healthy lifestyle of the population by 2025.