More than 20 Coptic Christians killed in attack on bus in Egypt

In Egypt the attack on the bus in which there were Coptic Christians, killed 23 people, wounded 25. About it reports Reuters.

The attack on the believers were committed in the southern province of Minya.

Nile TV reports, the pilgrims were heading to the monastery of St. Samuel. At this time, on one of the deserted roads with the bus overtook two cars which were armed men. They opened fire at the wheels of the bus, and after stopping it started to shoot passengers.

After the attack the militants fled. Currently, several mobile army patrols were combing the area in search of the attackers.

9 APR, Egypt has witnessed a series of attacks against Coptic Christians. In the Church of tant city explosion, which killed 30 people, another 50 were injured. On the same day a similar attack occurred in Alexandria at the Cathedral of St. Mark. As a result of suicide bombing a suicide bomber killed two people, 21 were injured.