Kadyrov told about the refusal to join the Komsomol in childhood


RIA Novosti

“Today when I visited their home school in Centar I remembered how she refused to wear a red tie. It was my children’s protest against the anti-religious campaign of the USSR. I even collected all the pioneer ties, cut them and put in the teacher’s table,” he wrote.

According to Kadyrov, Soviet atheistic propaganda has split the society.

“I was summoned “on the carpet”, but their beliefs, I refused. And will never give up. But to join the Komsomol and I refused. The reason for this was again the atheistic propaganda. We were approached during the month of Eid, given water, candy and looked fast or not,” – said Kadyrov.

He said that now Russia is a constitutional state where the Constitution stipulates freedom of religion. According to Kadyrov, the believers, as the Scriptures are under protection of the law.