In Western Australia there was a mysterious SOS signal

In Western Australia there was a mysterious SOS signal

The SOS signal, the stones appeared on the coast in a remote part of Western Australia and alarmed the local police.

The police there were suggestions that someone might have gone or is in trouble and asks for help — perhaps even several people.

The signal was detected by a helicopter pilot near Bay swift Bay which is closest to the nearest town, Broome (15 thousand inhabitants) is about 500 km.

The discovery has given rise to a land search operation, and the police had to get to the place by air transport because of the terrain.

The police are trying to figure out any missing in this region, the people who may have posted the inscription.

The government appealed to the population asking for help, as around the stone sign has not been detected “no signs of recent human presence”.

Police managed to detect traces of old camping away from the stone signal, however, it cannot be excluded that the inscription appeared many years ago and earlier simply did not notice.

In 2015, a British tourist, lost in the desert region of Queensland, was saved, after he had written an SOS in the sand.