In Shovgenovsky area of Adygeya dam burst

In Shovgenovsky area of Adygeya dam burst

The water flooded more than a dozen private homes.

In Adygea, the dam burst. The emergency occurred today, may 26, in the area of the aul Khakurinokhabl Shovgenovsky district. According to regional GU Ministry of emergency situations, the message about the incident was received in operational duty shift of control Center in crisis situations at 6:10, the correspondent of IA REGNUM.

The reason was the increase in water level in the river a Farce. As explained in the emergency Department, was the destruction of the body of the water diversion dam in the vicinity of the aul Khakurinokhabl Shovgenovsky district. Approximate length of break is 15-20 meters.

The result was flooded 15 houses and farmsteads. In the area of emergency has sent a group of rescuers. The situation is clarified.

As reported IA REGNUM, because of the deteriorating flood situation in the two districts of Adygea Republic was introduced emergency mode. He began to operate on may 25, Koshekhabl and Giaginskaya areas. Here were flooded four settlements. The water level was up to 10 cm.

In addition, the sharp rise in water level on the river of Fars led to the destruction of two pedestrian suspension bridges, connecting the hamlet Novoalekseevskiy — Friendship and Demetrius is Encouraging. Access to settlements is now possible only by roundabout routes.

Only in the area of flooding from rainwater flooding, there were 14 settlements in Koshekhabl, Giaginskaya and Shovgenovsky areas near rivers Farce and Chehra.

The most problematic areas in the village of Dondukovskaya, the village of Friendship, aul Khakurinokhabl, Geraci and Cabeal.