In Rome died a “Queen of cashmere”, Laura Biagotti

In Rome died a “Queen of cashmere”, Laura Biagotti

ROME, may 26 — RIA Novosti, Sergei Elders. The famous Italian fashion designer Laura Biagiotti, known worldwide as the “Queen of cashmere”, died in Rome on 74-m to year of life, reported in the Friday morning newspaper Corriere della Sera.

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Biagiotti, was hospitalized Wednesday night following a severe heart attack followed by cardiac arrest. Doctors of the intensive care unit of a Roman hospital Sant’andrea was able to restore cardiac function and long fought for a woman’s life. However, according to doctors, the brain the patient has been irreparably damaged, and eventually was pronounced brain dead.

Laura Biagiotti was born 4 August 1943 in Rome in the family of the designer. After receiving a doctorate in archaeology at the University of Rome, she began working in the family firm for the manufacture of ready-made garments. In 1972 he established his own firm Laura Biagiotti Fashions, the brand that has become one of the most famous in the world of Italian fashion.

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Since the early 1980-ies was engaged in creation of spirits: in 1982 was released the aroma of Laura, in 1986 — Night, in 1988, Roma, 1992 — Venezia. Opened about 600 fashion stores around the world, including in Moscow and Beijing. In 1995 took part in a fashion show in the Kremlin, showing a collection almost entirely made of cashmere.

Since 1980, Biagiotti, lived in the town of Guidonia, near Rome the castle of the XI century, which was restored under her personal supervision. All her life she loved painting and with her husband Gianni chinya gathered a priceless collection of paintings by one of the founders of Italian futurist Giacomo Balla, who in 1996 was exhibited at the State Museum of fine arts named after A. S. Pushkin.

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Biagiotti, actively involved in charity work, in particular, in 1998, has allocated about one million dollars for the restoration leading to the Capitol stairs Cordonata, designed by Michelangelo. The famous Venetian theatre “La Fenice” she bought a new curtain to replace lost during a severe fire in 1996. Already being a world-famous fashion designer Biagiotti enthusiastic Golf and in 1991 opened the first Golf club on the outskirts of Rome.