Events of the week in photos

Events of the week in photos

Revision of the “news Mail.Ru” presents a digest of the most important and bright events from 20 to 26 may 2017 in the photographs of the leading news agencies of Russia and the world.

May 20. Donald trump made his first foreign trip as President. During the visit of the U.S. President to Saudi Arabia countries signed military contracts worth $110 billion. As king Salman was awarded the order of the trump name king Abdul Aziz for his outstanding contribution to the strengthening of cooperation.

May 20. The younger sister of Catherine Duchess of Cambridge, 33-year-old Pippa Middleton, was married to millionaire financier James Matthews. A bridesmaid was a two-year Princess Charlotte. Wedding journalists called “the main social event of the year.”

May 21. Team Sweden won the world championship gold on hockey. Final score of the game with team Canada was 2:1. In honor of the victory of the Swedish post released a new stamp depicting the moment when forward William Nylander, celebrating the victory, knocked the legs of goalie Henrik Lundqvist.

May 21. In the United States took place telepremera the new season of “twin Peaks”. Critics generally welcomed the long-awaited continuation of the cult TV series by David Lynch.

May 22. Several thousand people lined up in a long queue to the relics of St. Nicholas, which were brought from Italy to Russia. The faithful is carried out daily from 8:00 to 21:00. After July 12 the ark with the relics will be transported to St. Petersburg.

May 22. A powerful explosion occurred in the stadium “Manchester arena”. The attack killed 22 people, 59 were hospitalized. The responsibility for what happened taken the group “Islamic state” (banned in Russia, Britain and other countries).

May 23. Service Android Pay earned in Russia. Now the owners of smartphones, tablets and smart watches with the Android operating system can pay for purchases using their mobile device.

May 23. In the theater “Gogol-center” and his artistic Director Kirill Serebrennikov were searched in the criminal case on embezzlement of budget funds in especially large size. According to investigators, an unidentified person from the management of ANO “the Seventh Studio” (pieces of silver is its founder) stole about 200 million rubles allocated by the government for the development and promotion of art.

May 24. In the final of the Europa League “Manchester United” beat the Dutch “the Ajax” with the score 2:0. The team won this prestigious tournament for the first time in its history.

May 24. Protests in Caracas and other major cities in Venezuela are becoming more and more fierce. Almost every day we receive information about those killed and injured in street protests.

May 25. For graduates of Russian schools, the last bell rang, soon the students begin to take exams and apply to universities.

May 25. A light show was held in honor of the 60th anniversary of the hotel “Ukraine”. The audience was shown on the facade of the Soviet bas-reliefs of the “Worker and collective farm girl”, emblem of the Olympics-80 and the Olympic bear.

May 26. Facebook founder mark Zuckerberg after 12 years after retiring from Harvard University he got the degree.

May 26. From the East coast of the North island of New Zealand launched a carrier rocket ultralight class Electron American aerospace company Rocket Lab. Thus New Zealand became the eleventh country in the world, which was launched space rocket.

Source: AFP 2017