Disclosed new details of the Neolithic revolution

Disclosed new details of the Neolithic revolution

An international team of anthropologists have shown that during the Neolithic revolution (agriculture) there were groups of gatherers and hunters that do not conflict with farmers, and lived with them in the same area.

A study published in the journal Current Biology, and briefly about it, reports EurekAlert!

Experts have reconstructed the genome of six people who lived between 8.8 and 5.4 thousand years ago on the territory of modern Romania and Spain. It turned out that in Eastern Europe community of farmers was not replaced by groups of hunters and gatherers and coexisted with them, in particular, exchanging tools and engage in sex.

“We were fascinated by the high level of integration between the two communities (gatherer-hunters and farmers — approx. “Of the tape.ru”), rekonstruiruet on ancient DNA,” said study co-author Michael Hofreiter from Potsdam University (Germany).

The authors ‘ conclusions are in good agreement with previous results of DNA analysis of ancient humans. In particular, it was known that the gatherer-hunters who lived on the territories of Ukraine and Latvia, together with the farmers formed a single community, whereas in Western Europe, by contrast, was a replacement of the first second. The authors note that in the intermediate territories to which, in particular, relates to modern Romania probably realized intermediate scenario of ancient people.