Corbin placed the responsibility for the attack in Manchester on the British authorities

Jeremy Corbyn

The leader of the British labour party Jeremy Corbyn believes that a terrorist attack in Manchester was the result of wars that were supported or led London in other countries. This thesis contains in the speech with which the politician will perform on may 26, reports The Independent.

“We need to have enough courage to admit that the “war on terror” just doesn’t work. We need a more reasonable way to reduce the threat posed by countries that train terrorists and fomenting terrorism”, — the politician believes.

In his speech the labour leader also linked the attack in Manchester with the inability of the Prime Minister Theresa may to provide the necessary resources for effective police work.

“The streets will be more police officers [in case of victory and formation of the] labour government. And if the security services need more resources, they need to get them to track those who want to kill and maim,” — said in the statement.

In the UK, the campaign for parliamentary elections to be held on 8 June. Due to the terrorist attack in Manchester, all political parties suspended campaign, which resumes on may 26.

The attack of the suicide bomber Salman Abedi, who blew herself up in Manchester on 22 may, 22 people are killed, 59 were injured. Responsibility for the attack was claimed by banned terrorist group “Islamic state”. Militants called the attack revenge for the attack on “Muslim lands”.