Almost two-thirds of Americans saw Russia as an enemy

Almost two-thirds of Americans consider Russia an enemy of the United States. This is evidenced by the results of a survey conducted by the Fox News channel.

Enemy Russia says 64 percent of respondents indicates TV channel. As noted, in 2013, the enemy of his country, Russia was considered only 40 percent of respondents, while 47 percent called her friend.

In the rating, Russia took the fourth place. Americans also see the enemy in Korea (93 per cent of respondents named this country hostile), Iran (80 percent) and Syria (76 percent).

73 percent of the respondents indicated that the President of the United States Donald trump sees Russia as a friendly country. Another 20 percent believe that he perceives Russia as an enemy.

Their allies, the Americans called Canada (so says 96 percent of respondents), the UK (95 per cent), France (92 per cent) and Germany (87 per cent).

The survey was conducted by telephone nationwide from 21 to 23 may. It was attended by more than thousands of registered American voters. The statistical error does not exceed three percent.