The US attorney General was accused of withholding facts meetings with Russian Ambassador

Jeff Sessions

When filling forms access to classified information, U.S. attorney General Jeff sessions did not mention about the meetings with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak. It is reported by CNN.

Special application form needed to disclose all contacts with a foreign government or its representatives for the last seven years. Sessions, according to CNN, did not mention the two meetings with the head of the Russian diplomatic mission in Washington.

Press Secretary of the US Department of justice Sarah Isgur Flores explained that when filling out the form tolerance Sensis consulted with the FBI that allowed him to specify dozens of meetings with foreign ambassadors and officials that have occurred in recent years.

14 February from the post of adviser to the President for national security has gone Michael Flynn. In his statement on the dismissal Flynn pointed out that “not fully informed Vice-President Mike Pence and others on your conversations with the Russian Ambassador”. “I sincerely apologized to the President and Vice President, they accepted my apology,” — said in a statement.

A week earlier, The Washington Post reported that Flynn in December 2016 discussed with the dubious anti-Russian sanctions. Advisor trump tried to persuade Russia “not to overreact” in retaliation for sanctions imposed by the outgoing President Barack Obama. However, he made it clear that after the inauguration of the trump Moscow and Washington will be able to discuss the revision of restrictions.