The mystery behind seven seals. Closed worlds of Alexander Kalyagin

The mystery behind seven seals. Closed worlds of Alexander Kalyagin

25 may, a famous actor, Director and artistic Director of the Moscow theatre “Et Cetera” Alexander Kalyagina is 75 years old.

To become an actor Kalyagin decided at the age of five. He liked to arrange the home view to be the center of attention. Later, he is not without guile recalled that, as a lazy man, quite early realized that the antics and doing nothing — this is his element.

Director himself and the doctor

In seven years at the request of Sasha’s mom ordered him a small home theater with stage, backstage. Everything as it should be. Kalyagin was his own Director, playwright, actor. From a young age his idols were Charlie Chaplin and Arkady Raikin. At 13 he even dared to write, Arkady Isaakovich an email with a question about how he achieved such a talent. Surprisingly, Raikin responded Kulagina. He wrote that the talent is not achieved, as given above.

Despite the fact that his dream to become an actor after finishing school at Kalyagin has not subsided, the family Council issued a final and irrevocable verdict — “we need a normal career to, and not in poseur to go!”. So Kalyagin was a student of the medical school. After graduating, he worked for two years as a medical assistant on “first aid”. It was a difficult two years, but they were for Kalyagin. In the end, Alexander decides to engage in further fact, to which the soul does not lie — this is wrong. And entered the Shchukin school.

Fun movie in a sad time

Career in theatre and film from Kalyagin went up the hill immediately after graduating from College. The role was offered actively. That’s just the most famous of them the actor had to wait for ten years. After the release of the film “Hello, I your aunt!”, where Kalyagin played the role of a con man disguised in woman’s dress, it learned the whole country. The audience just rolled with laughter, Recalling his “Aunt Charlie from Brazil.”

Laughter was only the actor himself. During this period his wife died from cancer. Kalyagin was left alone with the four-year daughter on hands. Now he had to be for baby and mom, and dad. If at first the trouble Kalagina helped his mother, then a year later she went with it. Cancer, too. It was one of the most difficult periods in the life of an actor. To remember him he doesn’t like. After the tragedy Kalyagin in General became more closed person. Despite the huge number of fans, are ready even today to go with him to the Registrar, about any new companion he did not think. Feared that the arrival of the women injure his daughter.

The sphere in which nobody entree

A new love had arisen in the life of the City only after almost ten years after a family tragedy. In the film Nikita Mikhalkov’s “unfinished piece for mechanical piano” Kalyagin met the actress Yevgeniya Glushenko. For a long time they gazed at each other, then we started Dating a year later after meeting decided to formalize the relationship. Contrary to the fears of Alexander Alexandrovich, the daughter adopted the new darling of the father.

Today, however, family life Kalyagin — the secret behind seven seals. Wrote that the couple divorced after almost 30 years of marriage. Others say that it’s all hearsay. Alexander prefer not to comment on this topic. “Family and a creative lab — those two spheres, which no one accepted,” said he in one of his rare interviews. Colleagues say that Alexander only seems to be an open person, and in fact very few people know what he really is, how deep and vast his inner world.