The media learned about a single app on your smartphone trump

The media learned about a single app on your smartphone trump

On the smartphone of the President of the United States Donald trump is installed only one app — Twitter. It is reported resource, adding that the us leader has an iPhone.

Trump is known for a addiction to this service, in which he has more than 30 million subscribers. The US President frequently hits Twitter with fierce criticism on his opponents, including the American liberal press, which he calls “lenovocare” a biased, in his opinion, relevant to the work of his administration.

Often the reason for “tweets” are negative stories about trump in the news, on which he daily spends a few hours in the morning and evening.

According to rumors in the local media, addicted to Twitter — a headache for his assistants, trying to discipline the flow of the statements from the White house.

Often the official press service of the White house publishes relatively restrained comments. But then the President, without consulting anyone else, takes on the smartphone and gives vent to feelings, which sometimes causes a great outcry and exacerbated by the scandals around him.

According that refers to sources in the White house, his aides have attached great importance to the ongoing first international tour trump States in the Middle East and Europe feared that the angry tweets during the trip can damage the image of the President.

To solve this problem, “his team is doing everything possible to upload his work schedule to limit and to deprive him of free time for watching TV news, which he likes to react on Twitter. The trump “complained about it and demanded that his assistants more personal time.”

Twitter President: whether he wrote a tramp these tweets?

Try to guess was whether or not the following tweets in the account of the President of the United States Donald trump.