Putin urged to be mindful of the fragility of civil peace

Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin urged not to forget about the consequences of schisms in society. The corresponding statement he made at the Moscow Sretensky monastery, the consecration of the new temple of Christ’s Resurrection and new Martyrs and Confessors of the Russian Church, reports TASS on Thursday, may 25.

“We know how fragile civil peace, and should never forget about this, about how hard wounds heal divisions”, — said Putin. He noted that authorities and citizens must do everything “to preserve the unity of the Russian nation, through an ongoing dialogue to support socio-political harmony.”

The head of state also noted that it is important to remember the lessons of history, including its tragic pages.

After the consecration of the Cathedral Putin gave him a gift of an icon of St. John the Baptist of the nineteenth century. In the presence of the President she was placed in the altar of the temple, which the Russian leader called for together with the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Cyril and the monastery’s Deputy Abbot Bishop of Egorievsk Tikhon.

May 4, at the opening ceremony of the cross in memory of the great Prince Sergey Alexandrovich in the Kremlin, the President said it was important to preserve the unity of the Russian people.