Putin received a message from the new President of South Korea

Special envoy of the President of South Korea song young-Gil gave Vladimir Putin the message with the intentions and political orientations of the new government of the Republic. As reported RIA Novosti, the Russian leader on Wednesday, may 24, took song young-Gil in the Kremlin.

“We highly appreciate your personal contribution to strengthening Russian-Korean relations. Remember that with your personal support in 2010, Russia received the Jack of the cruiser “Varyag””, — Putin said.

The President noted that today’s meeting was preceded by a telephone conversation with the new head of South Korea. Song young-Gil in response conveyed thanks from favourites may 8, moon Jae-in for the call on the occasion of his inauguration. “Mr. moon Jae In has a very strong will, great interest and love for Russia, to the relations between Russia and Korea. I think you very well will work,” said song young-Gil.

The previous South Korean President Park Geun-Hye was removed from office and later arrested on charges of involvement in bribery and abuse of power.

May 10, Putin confirmed that he is ready “to work together to further enhance bilateral cooperation in various fields and coordination in addressing the pressing issues of the international agenda”. He stressed that the two countries ‘ cooperation in the interests of security and stability on the Korean Peninsula.