In Slovenia the first in the world of digital tombstone

In Slovenia the first in the world of digital tombstone

The world’s first digital gravestone appeared in the cemetery of Maribor (Slovenia). About the new product says The Daily Mail.

Judging by the photos on the pages of the publication, unusual headstone installed at the grave of a man named Janez Mlakar (Janez Mlakar), who died in 2000.

The monument is equipped with a 48-inch screen that can show photos, videos and other content uploaded by the customer. According to the head of the manufacturer Bioenergija Radovanovich SASO (Saso Radovanovic), it can be even a novel. If no one is around, the display screen shows only the name of the deceased and dates of birth and death. When the sensors detect the appearance of the visitor, turn on stream. Such a scheme allows the efficient wasting energy.

World’s first digital tombstone in Slovenia lets visitors see photos and videos of the deceased

— Daily Mail Online (@MailOnline) may 25, 2017

The project is an interactive gravestones were developed with the assistance Professor, University of Maribor Milan Sormani (Milan Miland). According to him, we are creating a smartphone app that will interact with the monuments. In particular, it will enable you to stream stored content through headphones, so as not to make noise in the cemetery.

The cost of new items — about three thousand euros. According to Radovanovic, the company has already received orders for several copies. Whether such monuments outside of Slovenia is unknown.