Forest fires destroyed 70 houses in Krasnoyarsk region

In the Krasnoyarsk territory in the settlements burned more than 70 homes, the situation with forest fires remains difficult. About the Agency TASS in the Siberian regional emergency center.

It is noted that in the destroyed houses resided 339 people, among them 47 children. From the fire also damaged lesprombaza and sawmill. MOE increases involved in fighting the group in the region have been working for two helicopters.

The most severely fire engulfed the city and Kansk Lesosibirsk. It is reported that in Kansk has occurred three fires, the fire destroyed 36 homes. In the village of Strelka in Lesosibirsk the fire affected 30 houses and a threat of distribution of fire is maintained. In these cities entered emergency mode.

In the North of Lesosibirsk in the area of 1500 square meters, burning a forest management enterprise in the South burn another 700 square meters.

MOE introduced from 28 April a state of emergency throughout the territory of the Siberian Federal district in connection with wildfires. The head of Department Vladimir Puchkov instructed to take special control over forecast changes in weather conditions in the regions of Siberia.