Beams is called the housing recovery to help victims of the Krasnoyarsk region

Vladimir Puchkov

Home of the Krasnoyarsk region residents who lost their homes due to forest fires, will restore to the end of September, said the head EMERCOM of Russia Vladimir Puchkov. About it reports TASS.

“The operational group will work with each family to accommodate all requests. Housing will be restored to 30 September,” — said Tufts, noting that the families themselves will determine whether they move to another town.

Until housing is built, people may be in temporary accommodation where everything is provided necessary for their accommodation, including meals four to five times a day. “The maintenance of one person per day is allocated in PVR 250 rubles,” — said the head of Ministry of emergency situations.

May 24, rescuers said that the region’s forest fires destroyed more than 70 houses, which were home to 339 people. From the fire also damaged lesprombaza and sawmill. The greatest damage the fire caused to the cities and Kansk Lesosibirsk, they introduced a state of emergency. Writes less than a day in Kansk burned 73 houses, in Lesosibirsk — 37.

In early may the special fire-prevention regime has been introduced in 51 regions of Russia. It implies a ban on cultivation of fires, burning grass, trash, debris, and also to travel in the forest. The regime acts in separate regions of the far Eastern, Siberian, Ural, Volga, North Caucasus, southern, North Western and Central Federal districts.